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                18 COUNT: 数;加总;依靠






                18 COUNT: 数;加总;依靠


                1. count noses ** 清点人数

                解 习语;词义溯源:数[鼻子(noses)]

                例 Count noses and make sure no more than 120 people are in the bar at any one time.

                2. count on sb. or sth. *** 依赖,依靠

                解 短语动词;词义溯源:依靠某人或@ 某物

                例 Astronomers were counting on the Hubble Telescope to give them the answers.

                3. count one's chickens before they hatch ** 过于乐观,高兴得太早

                解 习语;词义溯源:在鸡蛋[孵化(hatch)]之前就开始数[小鸡(chickens)]

                例 Don't you think you are counting your chickens before they hatch? They still could decide not to accept your offer.

                4. count sb. in for 〔on〕 sth. / count in sb. / count sb. in *** 将某人包♀含在内

                解 短语动词;词义溯源:针对某事来说把◆某人数在内;参照 count sb. out for sth.

                例 For that Christmas charity project you're handling, you can count me in for $20.

                5. count sb. or sth. off *** 清点;挑出

                解 短语动词;词义溯源:将某人或某物数[出来(off)]

                例 One man counts the inventory items off while another records the total.

                6. count sb. out for sth. / count sb. out *** 把某人︻从某事之中排除

                解 短语动词;词义溯源:为了某事数[出(out)]某人;参照 count sb. in for sth.

                例 If Frank isn't going to play, then count me out too.

                7. count sth. up / count up sth. *** 加总,共计

                解 短语动词;词义溯源:将某物[全部(up)]加总

                例 After closing, we usually stay 20 minutes or so counting up the day's sales.


                1. 清点一下人数,确保每次酒吧里的人数不超过120。

                2. 天文学家依靠哈勃望远镜获得答案。

                3. 你不觉得自己高兴得太早了吗?他们仍然可以决定不接受你的提议。

                4. 你负责的那个圣诞慈善项目,算我一份,我捐20美元。

                5. 一个人清▲点库存,另一个人记录总量。

                6. 如果弗兰克不玩,那也不要把我算进去了。

                7. 关门之后,我们通常会待20分钟左右,对当『天的销售额进行汇总。

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