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                没找到中文歌词的英文歌 Dreamed I Saw Soldiers





                Dreamed I Saw Soldiers 收录于歌手Neil Halstead的专辑《Sleeping on Roads》中。
                Neil Halstead,来自英国。二十岁不到的时候,他的第一支乐队Slowdive诞生了。在这支被认为史上最优秀的shoegaze乐队之一解散后,他又和Rachel等人组建了之后在独立音乐界大名鼎鼎的Mojave 3。在兼顾新乐队之余,又发表了首张个人专辑。唱片收录了Neil数年来写下的歌曲,而从总体上考虑不太适合Mojave 3,便由自己做独立发行。
                Dreamed I Saw Soldiers

                Climbed out the window and stared at the stars

                But the moment I wanted had already passed

                Lost in the silence blessed by the night

                Dreamed I saw soldiers they were all dressed in white

                All dressed in white

                Well the summer came late so I slept here for days

                Til Winter was over and my heart could be saved

                I walked for a lifetime and I climbed in a hole

                She had breasts on the outside she had breath in her soul

                Death in her soul

                Placed in a bottle and flung out to sea

                I was stung by the thought that the ship was now me

                Lost in the silence blessed by the night

                I dreamed I saw soldiers they were all dressed in white

                All dressed in white

                A fellow by nature I fell for a way

                That would shake me all over and spin me around

                Twisted my feelings til I nearly drowned

                It was love at first sight the first time around

                Time around

                We stared at the walls til we lost all the dawn

                Waiting for words I said I've been cursed by your love

                Crying for shame

                So what has become of our love

                Of our love

                Now all the neighbors have stolen my stash

                I write poems about death I ain't finished one yet

                Lost in the silence blessed by the night

                I dreamed I saw soldiers they were all dressed in white

                All dressed in white

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