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                外贸英语口语 满足你的日常工作需求





                外贸英语口语 满足你的日常工作需求

                在外贸工作中,基础的英语口语是外贸工作者的必备技能之一,其实外贸教育中常用的英语口语并不多,下面我们跟随听力课堂⌒ 一起来了解一下外贸英语口语的相关资料吧。



                May I have an idea of your prices?可以了解一下你▼们的价格吗?

                Can you give me an indication of price?你能给我一个估价吗?

                Please let us know your lowest possible prices for the relevant goods.请告知你们有关商品的最低价。

                If your prices are favorable, I can place the order right away.如果你〗们的价格优惠,我们可以马上订货。

                When can I have your firm C.I.F. prices, Mr. Li?李先生,什么时候能得到你们到岸价的实盘?

                We'd rather have you quote us F.O.B.prices.我们希望你们报离岸价ω 格。

                Would you tell us your best prices C.I.F. Hamberg for the chairs.请告诉你方椅子到汉堡到岸价的最低价格。

                Will you please tell the quantity you require so as to enable us to sort out the offers?为了便于我方报价,可以告诉我们你们所要的数量吗?

                We'd like to know what you can offer as well as your sales conditions.我们想了解你们能供应什么,以及你们的销售条件。

                How long does it usually take you to make delivery?你们通常要多久才能交货?

                Could you make prompt delivery?可以即期交货吗?

                Would you accept delivery spread over a period of time?不知你们能不能接】受在一段时间里分批交货?

                Could you tell me which kind of payment terms you'll choose?能否告知你们将采用哪种付款方式?

                Will you please tell us the earliest possible date you can make shipment?你能否告知我们最早船期吗?

                Do you take special orders?你们接受特殊订货吗?

                Could you please send us a catalog of your rubber boots together with terms of payment?你能给我们寄来一份胶靴的目录,连同告诉我们付款方式吗?



                We have the offer ready for you.我们已经为你准备好报盘了。

                I come to hear about your offer for fertilizers.我来听听你们有关化肥的报盘。

                Please make an offer for the bamboo shoots of the quality as that in the last contract.请把上次合同中订的那种质量的竹笋向我们报个价。

                We are in a position to offer tea from stock.我们现在可以报茶叶现货。

                We'll let you have the official offer next Monday.下星期就给您正式报盘。

                I'm waiting for your offer.我正等您的报价。

                We can offer you a quotation based upon the international market.我们可以按国际市场价格给您报价。

                We have accepted your firm offer.我们已收到了你们报的实盘。

                We'll let you have our firm offer next Sunday.下星期天我们就◣向你们发实盘。

                We're willing to make you a firm offer at this price.我们愿意以此价格为你报实盘。

                Could you offer us F.O.B. prices.能向我们报离岸价格吗?

                All your prices are on C.I.F. basis.你们所有价格都是成本加运费保险费价格。

                Can you make an offer, C & F London, at your earliest convenience?您能¤尽快报一个伦敦港成本加运费价格吗?

                I'd like to have your lowest quotations, C.I.F. Vancouver.请报温哥华到岸价的最低价格。

                I think the price we offered you last week is the best one.相信我上周的报价是最好的。

                No other buyers have bid higher than this price.没有别的买主的出价高于此价。

                The price you offered is above previous prices.你方报价高于上次。

                It was a higher price than we offered to other suppliers.此价格比我们给其他供货人的出价要高。

                We can't accept your offer unless the price is reduced by 5%.除非你们减价5%,否则我们无法接受报盘。

                I'm afraid I don't find your price competitive at all.我认为你们的报价没有任何竞争性。

                Let me make you a special offer.好吧,我给你一个特别优惠价。


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